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Readme_Displaying Column and Catalog Metadata for Sparse Columns (OLE DB)

11/05/2008 21:36:06

This sample works only with SQL Server 2008. It will not work with any version of SQL Server earlier than SQL Server 2008.
This sample creates a table with three columns: a sparse column, a column that is not a sparse column, and a columnset column. The sample then displays OLE DB flags showing the column and catalog metadata for the non-sparse column and the columnset column.
SQL Server samples and sample databases must be downloaded and installed before you can view or work with them. For more information, see Considerations for Installing SQL Server Samples and Sample Databases.


For more information about sparse columns, see Sparse Columns Support in SQL Server Native Client in SQL Server Books Online.


This sample uses Visual C++.


Before running this sample, make sure the following software is installed:
  • SQL Server or SQL Server Express, including Database Engine. You can download SQL Server Express from the Microsoft Download Center.
  • The SQL Server Database Engine samples that are available at the Microsoft SQL Server Developer Center.
  • .NET Framework SDK 2.0 (or later) or Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 (or later). You can obtain .NET Framework SDK free of charge. For more information, see Installing the .NET Framework Documentation.

Building the Sample

  • Make sure your INCLUDE environment variable includes the directory that contains sqlncli.h.
  • If you are using Visual Studio, load the OLEDB_SparseCols.sln file and build it.
  • If you are using MSBuild.exe, invoke MSBuild.exe at a command prompt. Pass in the OLEDB_SparseCols.sln file, as follows: * MSBuild OLEDB_SparseCols.sln *

Running the Sample

  • From Visual Studio, invoke Start Without Debugging (CTRL+F5).
  • If you built with MSBuild.exe, invoke OLEDB_SparseCols.exe.

See Also

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Help and Information
  • Getting SQL Server 2008 Assistance* © 2008 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

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